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High level Nepali trade union leaders

High level Nepali trade union leaders

World Solidarity (WSM) ONG


1030 Brussels

Facilitated by World Solidarity (WSM), the three major trade unions from Nepal are sending their leaders to Belgium for a south-north exchange with WSM and ACV-CSC. They took the opportunity of this visit to also express their solidarity with the campaign for social protection.

Members of the delegation

  • Mr Bishnu Rimal, President, GEFONT
  • Mr Bishnu Lamsal, General Secretary, GEFONT
  • Mr Khila Dahal, President, NTUC
  • Mr Mahendra Yadav, General Secretary, NTUC
  • Mr Ganesh Regmi, Vice-President, ANTUF
  • Mr Jagat Simkhada, General Secretary, ANTUF

Focus of visit and exchanges

  • Federalism and trade unions: as the new Nepali constitution has been proclaimed September 2015 and Nepal should become a federal state, how to (re)-structure or adapt the the TUs? Belgium has quite some experience of having to evolve in a federalized state, and what that means for representation, also in tripartite structures and social security systems.
  • Social elections: to strengthen federations, help to organize more workers and get them involved in TU, strengthen representability for CBA, etc. Currently membership is solely done by declaration of members and payment of dues to ITUC-NAC.
  • Social Security: the draft Social Security Act which is before Parliament was drafted by the trade unions but has to be put in line with the new constitution.